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Operation Holiday Card - Armed Forces

About Operation Holiday Card

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Dear Friends,


            Operation Holiday Card was a huge success.  My goal for the project was to collect 200 cards.  In the end we collected over 1500 cards.  What a blessing to our troops.  Cards came in from all across the country; from California to Maine. They came from Brownie troops, from classrooms, from offices, and from homes.  The our-pouring of support was amazing.

            With such a large number of cards I was able to reach out to two different bases to spread Holiday cheer to the troops.  The cards were sent to an Air Force Base in Kuwait and a joint Air Force/Army base near Baghdad.  One of the men who will be passing out the cards, SMSgt Lopez, told me, “I tell you it wouldn't happen if there weren't dedicated Americans to [do] these heart-warming events.”  Together we were able to bring smiles to the faces of many serving overseas during this difficult time.

            Thank you so much for your participation in this project.  Every card you wrote touched another service member.  December is a hard time to be away from your friends and family but these brave men and women do with without question. 

            Since there was such a huge response to this collection I promise that it will not be the last.  As long as there are troops deployed during the Holidays there will be Operation Holiday Card.  So watch your mailbox next year as we will continue to make the Holidays a little brighter for those serving out county.

            This collection has been an amazing show us support.  Thank you so much for your participation.


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