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Armed Forces

Where you get the experiance for life...

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This community is dedicated to all those who serve, or are planning to serve in the armed forces. We are proud to have you representing and risking your lives for your countries for out freedom.

This community is dedicated for the entire military family, Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. This community was started on May 23, 2004 at 06:00.

Your community maintainer is corthell who also runs marines, armedservice, armedforces. Please note that I am trying to create a family of journals for each service, but the names for some are presantly occupied. If you own a service name on LJ and are wanting to donate it to this cause please feel free to post a comment on my journal.

A few rules:
  • No flame wars: This community was created to show our appreciation for those in the Armed Services, not to bicker about happenings in other countries or even accross services. We all work for the same people afterall.

  • No cursing: Not to point fingers, but some people can be a little mouthy. Please be sure to remember that minors and women will be checking this journal and everyone has an equal right to post and read in a safe enviroment.

  • Repeditive Posting: Please refrain from it, we heard you the first time.

  • Advertising: Please refrain from advertising journals, communities, products, etc. No one wants to see ad's and they do not belong. If you are still interested in advertising please ask the maintainer of the community, users who don't ask will be banned.

  • Pride Wars: Please refrain from "pride wars", we don't care about your views on weather you do in fact have a larger whatever.

  • Have fun!: That's what we're here for; fun and outreach.

  • Everyone is welcome here. Where this community was made to focus on the US Armed Forces, it will and does outreach to the armed forces as other countries. Reguardless of location, by reading entries, posting, or joining this journal you agree to the above rules.

    If you're having issues with a user, posts, or advertisements please let us know here